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Precision Fusing Mat (17" x 24") Includes Non-Slip/Non-Stick Mat with See-Through Design for Appliqué Creation, and Bonus Non-Stick Pressing Sheet!


NON-SLIP: Specialized non-slip material prevents movement of your mat so fabrics remain in place while ironing


SEE-THROUGH: Innovative design provides great visibility for appliqué creation, and large 17" x 24" mat offers lots of room to create


NON-STICK: Amazing non-stick surface protects your fusible so that it can be heated repeatedly


BONUS PRESSING SHEET: Includes 17" x 24" non-stick pressing sheet to protect your iron!


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you're ever unsatisfied with the product we will refund your order. We have a no-hassle return policy. Precision Quilting Tools is a USA Company with U.S. Based Customer Support!

Precision Fusing Mat (17" x 24")